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  • primer, primer, undercoat, insulation products, insulation membrane, paint, wterproof paint, adhesive, coating, bitumen based primer, acrylic primer undercoat, solvent recyling primer, water-based epoxy primer, polyurea primer, polyurethane primer, prc epoxy floor primer, flexible water insulation product, single component water insulation product, waterproofing insulating product, alkyd acid coating product, polyurethane water insulation motherboard, one-component moisture bar
    The use of chemical products in the structures began to increase at the end of 1990s. We entered into the sector in 2003 with the foresight of very fast growing of the sector in
    Telephone: +90 216 540 67 03-04 Address: Ihlamurkuyu Mh. Hürmet Sk. No:4, Ümraniye, İstanbul, TURKEY
  • liquid membrane, construction chemicals, polyurethane, waterporoofing, uv coating, epoxy, pu foam, polyurea, roof, flooring, sealing, adhesive, binder
    manufacturing of polyurethane coating , liquid membrane, floor coating , bituminous membrane, construction chemicals, pu sealant and polyurethane
    Telephone: 02164566585 Address: ATATÜRK MH. EKİNCİOĞLU SK. NO:2 ATAŞEHİR /İSTANBUL
  • construction materials, building materials, insulation materials, insulating materials, isolation products, foams, polyurethane foams, spray foams, polyurea waterproofing, liquid membranes, polyurethane base, liquid membranes, thermal insulation, waterproofings, sound insulations, sound-proofings, insulating material, sound insulation, concrete polishing, construction material, building material, foam, polyurethane foam, spray foam, liquid membrane, waterproofing, sound insulation
    The company was established in 2014 by our founder Serkan YAVUZCAN as a result of 36-month R&D work. Many products in Turkey and abroad were searched, the best quality products
    Telephone: +90 264 270 17 62 Address: Beşköprü Mah., D-100 Karayolu Cad., No: 130, Serdivan, Sakarya, Turkey
  • chemical, chemicals, water insulation products, polyurea based water insulations, polyurethane based water insulations, floor coatings, epoxy based floor coatings, polyurethane based floor coatings, floorings, flooring products, epoxy based flooring products, polyurethane based flooring products, paint, paints, industrial paint, industrial paints, surface paint, surface paints, coating, coatings, furniture paint, furniture paints, varnish, varnishes, furniture varnish, furniture varnishes
    As a chemical factory established in Izmir, EVOL KİMYA, with its 25 years experienced technical staff, produces protecting and decorative coating systems for concrete, wood and
    Telephone: +90 232 480 04 00 Address: Bahçelievler Mahallesi, Orhan Alpyörük Caddesi, No: 17/A, İzmir, Turkey
  • Polyurea, Insulation, Isolation, Industrial Coating, Polyurethane, Building Isolation
    Polyurea, insulation, insulation, industrial coating, polyurethane, polyurethane, Manufacturers Turkey, Turkish Companies,
    Telephone: 0090 212 320 5028 Address: perpa tic. merk. b blok kat:12 no:2160 Şişli-İstanbul
  • polyurethane machines, polyurea machines, spraying machines, polyurethane spray machines, polyuera spray machines, hoses, copper hoses, spray guns, copper heated hoses, heated hoses, polyurethane machine, polyurea machine, spraying machine, polyurethane spray machine, polyuera spray machine, hose, copper hose, spray gun, copper heated hose, heated hose
    Our company has been serving under foam insulation since 2009. The company produces with 9 years experience in polyurethane sector. Machine production started at the second half
    Telephone: +90 532 337 98 75 Address: Organize San. Bölgesi 5. Cad. No:11, Melikgazi, Kayseri, Türkiye
  • Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyaspartic, Polyurea, resin, Coating, Floor, Resinious, Construction, Chemicals, industrial, solvent free based
    Tardigrade Construction Chemicals LLC., We aim to catch the future with our deep rooted past. We continue to be your “Solution Partner” in the building and construction sector in
    Telephone: +905330184731 Address: Osmangazi Mah. 2638 Sk. No: 4 /3
  • polyurethane foaming machine, spray foam insulation equipment, polyurea machine, polyurethane spray foam insulation, polyurethane sprayer, airless sprayer pump
    Telansen is the first manufacturer producing industrial pneumatic airless sprayer,polyurethane foaming machine,pu foam inject machine,polyurea machine in
    Telephone: +86-21-61723040 Address: Hutai Road 9611,Shanghai,China
  • epoxy floor covering, thermal insulation, polyurethane foam, polyurea applications, bitumen based insulation systems, external thermal insulation, pvc insulation systems
    Telephone: 5194773 Address: Ordu Cad.Yeşil Tulumba sok. No:25/b Laleli Eminönü
  • construction machines, isolation machines, industry machines, heavy industry, process pumps, polyurea and poliuretan machines, mastic and glues, high pressure water jets, sand blast machines, road line machines
    Telephone: 4697174 Address: 1201/1 SOKAK NO:4/P-42 YENİŞEHİR / İZMİR
  • polyurethane systems, footwear pu systems, rigid pu systems, flexible pu systems, case pu system, machine systems, polyurea systems, dye systems, semi-finished product systems, auxiliary chemical systems
  • Additive Powders, Applications, Applications Flooring, Applications Thermal Insulation, Applications Waterproofing, Floor Coverings, Steel Houses, Glass Sphere, Insulation Chemical, Isolation Chemical, Polymeric Isocyanate, Polyurethane Casting, Polyurethane Liquid Membrane, Primers Paints, Release Agents, Solvents, Sound Insulation, Soundproofing, Spray Polyurea, Spray Polyurea Mebran, Spray Polyurethane, Spray Polyurethane Foam, Waterproofing, Thermal Insulation, Water Isolation, Wood Imitation Polyurethane, Additive, Powders, Applications, Flooring, Thermal, Insulation, Waterproofing, Floor, Coverings, Steel, Houses, Glass, Sphere, Chemical, Isolation, Polymeric, Isocyanate, Polyurethane, Casting, Liquid, Membrane, Primers, Paints, Release, Agents, Solvents, Sound, Soundproofing, Spray, Polyurea, Mebran, Foam, Water, Wood, Imitation
    Telephone: 90(216) 483 25 28 Address: Orta Mah. Yalnız Selvi Cd. Huzurlu Çıkmazı No:3 1. Kat 34880 Kartal İSTANBUL/ Turkiye
  • mastics, repair mortars, admixture materials, injection materials, waterproofing materials, polyurea based waterproofing materials, polyurethane based waterproofing materials, bitumen based waterproofing materials, cement based waterproofing materials, basic insulation materials, primers, polyurethane based primers, epoxy based primers, top coats, polyurethane based top coats, epoxy based top coats, acrylic based top coats, floor coating, complementary materials
    Telephone: 545 51 61 Address: İçerenköy mah. Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan cad. No:91 K:5 Ataşehir
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